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The Refrigerators

First formed in 1992, THE REFRIGERATORS have become one of the most sought after bands to ever hit the Northeast music circuit! Consistently voted “Best Band” by our large regional following, including readers of the Times Union Preview and the Metroland Magazine, THE REFRIGERATORS infuse funk, rock, and R&B with a pumping rhythm section, powerhouse horn section and kinetic stage presence. The result is something you need to hear  and see for yourself.

THE REFRIGERATORS consist of a talented core of ten musicians, each of whom brings with them their own distinct personality and influence. Drummer Chris “Hales” Haley, bassist Mike Shudt, keyboardist John Costello, guitarist Dave Messick, and lead vocalists Beth Tranka & Kevin Brandow create the core of the unit that serve as the perfect canvas for the “Funk Underground Horns”. This four-piece horn section features Dave “DC” Cerrone (trumpet/percussion), Greg Mataruga (lead trumpet), Chris “Bone(s)” Beck (trombone), and Kevin Barcomb(Sax/percussion).

With their trademark high energy performances, THE REFRIGERATORS (both individually and collectively), have earned a spot on bills with such industry giants as THE VILLAGE PEOPLE, THE AVERAGE WHITE BAND, 98 DEGREES, LISA LOEB, FIREHOUSE, CE CE PENNISTON, JOE WALSH, GOVERNMENT MULE, SUGAR RAY, UNCLE KRACKER and KC & THE SUNSHINE BAND.

To THE REFRIGERATORS, putting on a great show isn’t everything – it’s the ONLY thing. Night after night, show after show, the band keeps the energy high and the dance floor packed .

 “There’s not only a musical side to what we do, but a strong visual side as well,” says Dave Cerrone. “

” THE REFRIGERATORS don’t just play music to an audience…. they strive to involve their audiences in the show.”  Maybe that is why the band has become the number one choice  of the region’s top club and concert promoters.

THE REFRIGERATORS can apcalis sx easily be followed on Facebook, Twitter, a network of monthly mail updates, a 24-hour telephone performance hotline and a website (www.the-refrigerators.com).

THE REFRIGERATORS: Classic music, outstanding live performances, and an intensity reminiscent of the greatest horn-fueled funk/rock/R&B bands of all time. When it comes to high energy live music presentation, THE REFRIGERATORS are the benchmark!!! We will see you on the dance floor!

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