Clubs & Community Events

Draw a crowd!  The Refrigerators have been drawing great crowds at clubs and community-events for over 20 vendu sur notre site web years!  We have a great following that will help increase the draw at your events, and help you hit your goals.  Our following knows that they will always get a high-energy musical experience…and as we always say…there is an unmistakable and unmatched “vibe” of a Refrigerators show.  We don’t just play music, we connect with our audiences!

Our team of professionals…providing full service…

You’ll get the best of both worlds, when we compliment our live shows with our DJ, Frank Turck…aka “AJ”.  Our professional DJ is available to keep the floor hopping between our sets.
Your ears can tell the difference….which is why the professional sound crew at Tower East Productions has been providing the best equipment and experience to our shows for over 15-years!  Pat Parvis and the crew at Tower East productions provide the foundation for the great sounds you’ll hear from the band and DJ.

Rounding out the visual experience for you and your guests, we have the professionals at Lyons Den Production providing top-notch lighting for our shows.  We are happy to have Kirk Lyons and the crew on-board with our team…we are sure you’ll be happy they are with us too.